We believe that founders turn the world’s problems into opportunities by venturing beyond known. We find and fund the most promising solutions globally and unite them in Venture Engines to solve global challenges.

Building Venture Engines® to solve global challenges

Regenerative agritech

Revitalizing 250k hectares of Dutch farmlands.

Urban mobility

Enabling 500M emission free movements in the city.

Clean Power

Fuel the energy transition with 100 GWh of clean off grid energy

Lead pollution

Creating a lead free generation by preventing 10M lead poisinings.

Playful learning

Creating a healthy future generation by making learning fun.


Our Venture Engine® methodology enables industry leaders to effectively turn their collaborations into bottom line results. Get a head start by leveraging our assets and our experience in building Venture Engines for 100+ industry leaders worldwide.

How we fuel founders 

At Unknown Solutions we find, fund, and unite startup solutions together with the industry to solve global challenges.


Our Venture Portal actively tracks 5 million startup profiles across the globe.


We believe before we see. That is why we invest early on in impact ventures that offer solutions that fix the future.


We unite completary startup solutions together with industry leaders to solve global challenges.

Plastic Back

Plastic Back, winner of the New Energy Challenge, and rising star in the Rising Star Award at the Get in the Ring Global finals in 2021 got funded by Unknown. As a result they started a Proof of Concept with Shell to validate and scale their plastic-derived oil for refinery integration.

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Our early stage investment

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  • 6Degrees

  • De Krekerij

  • Geospatial Insight

  • Hargol FoodTech

  • Kids Worldwide Factory

  • Kumasi Drinks

  • Lalaland

  • Naïf

  • Paztir

  • Plastic Back

  • Powercrumbs

  • Rebel Cactus

  • Saltrex

  • Skelex

  • Spiral Technology

  • Terra Motion

  • Wieblie & ConnectAndPlay


Empowering the disabled to reclaim control over technology

Converting motion into digital commands, which allows users to essentially replace fingers on a touch screen or a computer mouse.

De Krekerij

The alternative food revolution

Cricket-based burgers, meatballs and sausage rolls – all loaded with protein, all delicious and all without insect legs.

Geospatial Insight

Empowering and improving the analysis of satellite & aerial imagery

Geospatial Insight is one of Europe’s leading providers of independent research derived from the analysis of satellite & aerial imagery. Geospatial Insight empowers global decision makers to consistently make the right calls.

Hargol FoodTech

Showcasing the efficacy of grasshoppers as a superior protein alternative

High-quality and sustainable Grasshopper Protein powders

Kids Worldwide Factory

Socially responsible multimedia content for kids worldwide

Helping brand owners translating proven concepts

Kumasi Drinks

Kumasi Drinks

Kumasi Drinks increases income for cocoa farmers by transforming cocoa waste into a range of delicious, 100% natural soft drinks.



Lalaland utilizes artificial intelligence to enable fashion brands and retailers to use hyper-realistic models of every body type, size, and skin tone.


Reinventing skincare for babies

A reliable skincare brand for babies, children and women without chemicals, parabens, microplastics or allergens. Naïf also strives for sustainable and 100% recycled packaging and a transparent raw material plan.


Making Light Electric Vehicles obtain a significant and permanent part of last-mile logistics

Paztir has the mission of making Light Electric Vehicles competitive enough to become a significant and permanent part of last-mile logistics. They provide access management, lock automation and vehicle tracking made specifically for light electric vehicles in urban delivery.

Plastic Back

Turning the tide on plastic waste

Plastic Back uses a proprietary chemical oxidation process to break plastic down to crude oil, waxes and other valuable chemicals.


Disrupting energy in construction with localized biogas supply chains

Powercrumbs is the world's first venture with the capability to store cleaned, high-pressure-biogas and make a huge impact in energy usage in the construction industry.

Rebel Cactus

Wearable tech and connectivity solutions for children

Rebel Cactus is a smartwatch specifically designed and customizable for children. Aimed at helping kids discover their worlds with independence.


Creating a secure, simple, independent and compliant online B2B auction platform

Saltrex provides a secure, simple, independent and compliant online B2B auction platform for all parties with an interest in secondary or distressed commodities and cargoes.


Revolutionising exoskeletons for large scale manufacturing companies

Skelex designs, produces and markets custom exoskeleton solutions for manufacturing companies. Their products empower workers to be more productive while minimising the risk for ergonomic injuries.

Spiral Technology

Bringing the future of Mixed Reality into the present

Spiral Technology delivers a Mixed Reality (XR) and AR platform that helps technicians work 30% faster with lower error rates.

Terra Motion

Reimagining the possibilities of satellite radar imagery

Processing land surface movements with millimetric precision over urban, vegetated and natural land surfaces.

Wieblie & ConnectAndPlay

Wieblie & ConnectAndPlay

The innovative moving learning approach ensure a safe playing and learning environment in childcare.