About us

competence-oriented education

What experienced entrepreneurs would have wished for. 

Become an entrepreneur
by being one

With our Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the 90 days program, and the pre-master, we make it our business to make the start of your business a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Providing you with the means to develop the skills and gain the knowledge, we will help you to rise in life as an entrepreneur.

As a student at our school, you will benefit from our in-depth experience with startups. From the 25.000 startups we have already worked with, we learned that only a small portion of programs offered to them was truly relevant. So we developed a program that caters to first-time entrepreneurs and supports them in unleashing their full potential while building their business. Our students learn how to take control of unpredictable situations, handle discomfort, find their courage, and move forward. These are skills that require self-awareness and personal growth. Their usefulness goes far beyond the professional sphere; they will benefit you throughout your whole life.

Because of the success of our bachelor’s program and our ambition to help startups through the scaling phase, we decided to push the envelope even further. We now also offer a unique accredited Master of Science in Scaling Up which is just as valuable and practical as our Bachelor but focuses on scaling up your business by growing it. All to help you Rise!

Its time for
unconventional education

Nowadays, students are faced with the challenge of having to prepare themselves for a rapidly changing future. Students are increasingly becoming disenchanted with mainstream education; just having a degree no longer guarantees job security and theoretical frameworks without real-life experience doesn’t provide the skills to handle adversity. Clearly, a different approach is needed. Never before has it been easier to start a business. Therefore we want to help aspiring impact entrepreneurs to overcome doubt and achieve great things through their education. Take our word for it. When you look back on life, you don’t want to have to ask yourself the question: What if…?

That is why Unknown University of Applied Sciences focuses on applied sciences. We see entrepreneurship as a way to shape your own destiny and make a meaningful contribution to society. The only way to learn how to do this is by doing the work, by actually starting and growing your business. 

Already next level, and
we have only just begun

As a global, Unknown University of Applied Sciences, we will enable students to combine traveling, studying, and working in some of the world’s most vibrant cities and startup ecosystems such as Amsterdam, Valencia, Dubai, Berlin, and Singapore. In these cities, we will connect you to start-ups, local students, and inspiring, established organizations. At the end of your Unknown journey, not only will you have earned your degree; but you will also have built a venture, gained priceless global experiences, and will have built a tremendous network for life. All to help you RISE!

Get in the ring

Our partnership with the renowned global startup competition GET IN THE RING, gives our students access to a worldwide support system through which they can raise investments and meet fellow entrepreneurs. The events offer a platform to expand a student’s network and scale their business. Check out the Forbes article about Get in the Ring and Unknown HERE.