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Learn by doing

What is Learn by Doing?

Learn by Doing is based on the fact that learning should result directly from your actions. It’s a method by which students make the most of their education through active participation. A prime example of this is if you wish to improve your interview skills and increase your skill and knowledge in tech. The best way to improve those skills is by actually sitting down and interviewing someone by, say, hosting a podcast, and learning directly through that process. Compared to traditional learning styles that demand a passive intake of knowledge, Learn by Doing is based on practical experiences. 

3 Benefits of the Learn by Doing method

1.        Active instead of passive.

This method is more engaging as it requires you to take action to understand the subject. Learning something by traditional means (books, articles, etc.) limits your ability to retain the information you learn. That’s why you can’t remember most if not all of the questions you had to answer on your last test, and why you probably don’t find it meaningful. How did you become good at your hobby? You can’t learn how to play the piano from a book, you have to sit down and actually play it.

2.        Personal instead of generic.

The Learn by Doing method is based on your personal experience. It highlights the importance of putting in the effort, making mistakes, reflecting, and refining your work. With the right guidance, learning by doing always challenges you enough so you are able to learn something new without it ever becoming too overwhelming. Think back to the time when you learned how to ride a bicycle. You started with training wheels and eventually needed them less and less to stay upright. Nobody learned how to ride a bicycle on a bike that would be used for the Tour de France; you would have given up after crashing during your first attempts.

3.        Learn something new and develop your skills while doing so.

The third benefit of Learn by Doing is that on top of increasing your knowledge about a subject, you also develop other skills that will nurture your confidence and growth mindset. It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. For example, when you had to present something in high school you had to know about the subject, but you also improved upon your presentation skills and practiced your quick-thinking ability when you answered questions from the audience. You probably also felt proud afterward, regardless of any mistakes you may have made. Practicing these skills have contributed to your abilities today. Ultimately, the personal and professional skills that come from the Learn by Doing method prepare you for the future, as you enter the workforce or even start your own business.

Learning by Doing at Global School for Entrepreneurship

At Global School for Entrepreneurship, Learning by Doing is the principal method of education: the best way to become an entrepreneur is by being one. We coach you to become the founder of your own business and seek to nurture Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs.

Learn about branding by creating the brand book of your own business, understand how to use content marketing by creating your own podcast in our podcast studio, learn how to lead a team by doing so, and be able to raise money by pitching to actual investors. These are just a few examples of how Global School for Entrepreneurship embraces the Learn by Doing method.

When you join GS4E, you will never have to answer an exam question on a blank sheet of paper ever again; you will build your business while getting a bachelor’s degree instead.

Erwin Retèl

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