MBA-Like Master’s Program For Scaling Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to further your education and learn how to scale your business in a fast-paced and globalized world? While you might normally look into an MBA (Master of Business Administration), we believe that our Master’s in Scaling Up is the ideal choice for honing your skills, and learning how to successfully and sustainably grow your business.


An MBA offers theoretical and practical training for business or investment management. These programs typically include general overviews of topics such as finance, management, marketing, and business law. MBAs stumble in their usefulness to those wishing to scale their businesses, as they focus on how to successfully manage a large company, and are often very theoretical in nature.

Additionally, MBAs are often too focused on the case studies of existing companies, as they discuss the histories, patterns, and futures of projects that are already navigating the market. And while that is useful information, it denies you the opportunity to understand the unique challenges of your own company; challenges that should be given specialized and concentrated attention.

At Global School, your own business is the case study, as you are stimulated by growth entrepreneurs who work to mentor and coach you through analyzing the issues of your company with the intent of helping your own growth mindset and taking your business to the next level.


At Global School for Entrepreneurship, we offer the appropriate tools necessary for scaling a start-up, as opposed to the less start-up-oriented knowledge obtained from an MBA. At Global School, we employ a “learn by doing” method, as we highlight the importance of practicality and hands-on learning. Our program has been co-created by entrepreneurs who have utilized their own experiences of successfully scaling their own start-ups, with the intent of providing entrepreneurs looking to scale with “tried-and-true” methods. The program provides value immediately, as it works to get you up to speed with the latest insights on research on entrepreneurship, and how businesses succeed today.

We recognize that scaling up a business has its unique challenges that require a different toolset than just bringing an idea to market. This is something that keeps most start-ups from being able to scale effectively after their initial success. By recognizing your own journey as a start-up founder, our master’s program facilitates both you personally and your business to take the next step in gaining traction in new markets, segments, and expanding your portfolio of services and products.

In conjunction with this, Global School also offers an impressive network of experts and investors; with a diverse ecosystem and the willingness of learning/business coaches to link entrepreneurs to their own connections. It is through this that our Master of Science in Scaling Up can help you achieve just that: scaling up. 


The curriculum taught at Global School for Entrepreneurship takes the scale-up process as the leading framework, and in doing so dictates the order of our content. We teach the academic modules as they follow the growth of a business. Ultimately, the program maximizes the relevance of the classes by ensuring that the content offered aligns with the timing of your growth needs.

Some examples of our modules are Strategy Mapping, Value Maximization, Financing the Future, and “Glocal” (global and local) Scaling. And from these modules, you will learn a variety of skills, for example how to order your finances, how to adapt to an ever-changing market, and ultimately how to properly scale your business in existing and new markets.

Erwin Retèl

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