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Scaling Up


If you don’t have a business yet, we invite you to join our pre-Master program, during which you will develop your business idea into a ready-to-scale business within 12 months. The pre-Master program covers a combination of the essential core courses of Unknown University of Applied Sciences’ Bachelor (BSc) program and a selection of the BSc program’s curriculum that fits with the current status of your business initiative.

The goal of the pre-Master program is to get you, as well as your business initiative, up to speed in regards to the development of your knowledge, skills, and attitude; all in preparation for the MSc in Scaling up program.

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1 Year
The Hague
Start date
September & February
Tuition fee (yearly)

Program overview

With our modules, we aim to maximize the relevance of our classes by ensuring that the content we offer and the timing is aligned with your growth needs.

This program of 42 European Credits is complemented where necessary with a selection of other courses of the BSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation program, which fits to your current situation and business initiative. For example, if you’re involved in a business that is based on being a platform, the pre-Master program could also include the ‘Disrupting the Market’ (7 ECTS) module, during which students are introduced to the different business models that make use of a platform strategy.

Alternatively, this approach also allows Unknown University of Applied Sciences to support you as a pre-Master student with developing core skills, knowledge, and attitudes that were deemed to be underdeveloped for the MSc in Scaling Up program. For instance, in cases where you have no experience in developing and executing marketing strategies, the pre-Master program could include modules such as ‘Design Thinking’ into your tailored pre-Master program.

Essentially, the pre-Master program is a combination of mandatory courses that are complemented with context-specific courses that will allow you to further develop and ultimately meet the minimum required level of skills, knowledge, and attitude, as well as to further develop your business initiative so it is ready to scale before starting the MSc in Scaling Up program.

The standard modules contained in the pre-Master program are:

  • Value Creation
  • Business Modeling
  • Future Proofing
  • Lean Startup
  • Alternative Finance

Part-time master’s programs are normally not possible for international student entrepreneurs. However, in combination with our start-up visa program, it now is.

The Netherlands has a special “Start-up Visa” that offers international students the opportunity to scale their own businesses in the Netherlands while they get their master’s degree.

We can assist you with the application for this visa so that you are able to stay in the country for the duration of the program and make use of the time to run your business and build the network you’ll need to establish your company in the local market. We can also help you stay in the Netherlands after the program while you remain in our incubator, until you can apply for permanent residency if desired.

For whom is this master?

Each module is created along four learning lines intertwined throughout the four-year program.

1. The Self-employed Professional
Are you aspiring to transform your freelance business into a start-up and grow it into a scaled business?

2. The Start-up Entrepreneur
Are you looking to scale your start-up to achieve greater impact in the future?

3. The Global Expansionist
Is it your goal to build a strong foothold in foreign countries by expanding your business internationally?

4. The Business Successor
Do you aim to take on the leadership role and grow new opportunities for the family business in the near future?

  • You will scale your business from day 1: with classes and personal guidance from our learning coaches and business coaches.
  • We cover one topic per module, and that’s all you have to focus on during those 5 weeks.
  • We are in the heart of one of the biggest start-up scenes and give our students access to leading corporates across our network.

  • We asked experienced entrepreneurs and top academics to identify the most important growth challenges and used these insights to develop the Master’s program.


In order to be eligible for the pre-Master or master’s program (full or part-time), you must have a bachelor’s (BSc) degree. You can apply with a bachelor’s degree in any field of study, as our programs are open to everyone who embraces entrepreneurship. 

In addition, for the master’s program you must own a business that is ready to scale. The growth readiness of your business and the fit for our program will be determined by an application interview.

Pre-Master €14.200


1st of September for a September start 
1st of February 2024 for a February 2024 start


1st of June for a September start 
1st of December 2023 for a February 2024 start

To submit an application, click apply now, fill in the form, upload the appropriate documents, and schedule the admissions interview.

To support our students in their transition to a new country, Unknown University of Applied Sciences arranges visas for students who need one.

The program has two entry moments each year: February and September.

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