Student Housing


Unknown University of Applied Sciences is expanding beyond Amsterdam and has opened a new location in Innovation Hub Titaan, located in The Hague.

Cohorts from September 2023 onward will be starting their entrepreneurial journey in Titaan, surrounded by impact entrepreneurs. Entering a community of not only startups and scaleups, but also investors, educators, and government organizations.

Housing options

The Hague offers a range of housing options for you as a student, including shared apartments, dormitories, and private rental properties. We are currently in talks with local housing specialist DUWO to offer student housing as an accessible and affordable option.

Until then, however, we encourage you to explore and/or register for housing accommodations through private providers such as: 

Additionally, there are some housing opportunities in the neighborhoods that surround The Hague, such as Zoetermeer!

Connect with a global network

Our partnership with The Social Hub (formerly known as The Student Hotel) allows us to facilitate your entrepreneurial dreams all over Europe as we actively connect you to companies, local start-up scenes, and entrepreneurs. Embrace the opportunity to travel and work all over Europe. 

Each year we reserve rooms at The Social Hub for incoming students, act quickly to secure your spot!


The Social Hub’s widespread locations help us grow at lightning speed across Europe, allowing you to experience different cities and cultures during your studies. Every location will have the same high standards of living, co-working, and learning conditions. Plus, there are always rooms available for friends and family to visit you wherever you are, whether that be in The Hague, Berlin, or Paris just to name a few.

We believe in helping our students become part of a vibrant and creative community. If you are interested in experiencing  THE SOCIAL HUB firsthand before you start your studies, we would love to show you around.