Dissatisfied with your current bachelor’s program and looking for a study program that truly facilitates your entrepreneurial ambitions? Discover how our bachelor can support, challenge, and guide you in making your business idea a reality while earning your bachelor’s degree.

study entrepreneurship & start your business

Unfortunately, entrepreneurship does not get the attention it deserves in bachelor’s programs offered by traditional Universities of Applied Sciences. Most programs offer entrepreneurship as a minor, or as a selection in a long list of elective courses. Then there are programs that mostly focus on the function of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs within a larger context; they are about entrepreneurship not for entrepreneurs. Neither of these programs truly help you become an entrepreneur, and they underestimate the focus, time, and energy required to do so.

At these more traditional programs, students that want to become an entrepreneur (or already are one) are typically constrained in their freedom to chase their dream. They don’t have enough time for their business idea due to the organization of their education. They are often provided with outdated study material in regard to the best practices for entrepreneurs, a field that is continuously adapting to new market developments, and realities. There is little to no space to discuss their personal business context in class due to the number of participants, and are mostly taught by professional teachers instead of experienced entrepreneurs.   

Do you recognize this yourself? 

Unknown University of Applied Sciences was founded for people like you: ambitious people who want to become an entrepreneur, and are looking for a bachelor program that supports them in becoming one. 

practical & personal education you deserve

Unknown University of Applied Sciences has developed an accredited HBO Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation for any student that wants to become an entrepreneur by being one. We help you start your business while studying by offering you:

practical learning

Entrepreneurs are action-takers, and we fundamentally believe that the best way of learning is through experiences. Studying at Unknown means learning by doing and making theory actionable for your own unique business.

personal attention

Business is personal, and so is our education. Your business, and you as a founder, are our focus throughout the program. We limit the number of students per session to 23 at most so that you and your business get the attention they deserve.

entrepreneurial teachers & coaches

Nearly all our teaching staff are entrepreneurs or have been one in the past. They recognize your ambition within themselves and treat you accordingly. Due to their own experience, they can better help you apply their offered knowledge to your own business. In addition to our teaching staff, you will also have guest lectures by other entrepreneurs in every module.     

facilities & network

You will have exclusive access to multiple offices and other workstations at our The Hague campus to run your business. Alongside the network opportunities you will get within the study program (fellow students, guest lectures & teaching staff), we also actively connect our students with our global network of startups, corporates, and investors.  

join a community of student entrepreneurs

Studying at Unknown University of Applied Sciences means that you will become part of a diverse community of fellow student entrepreneurs. Our students strongly value this aspect of Unknown as they are then amongst like-minded individuals that share their own convictions. This means there is a strong sense of an Unknown community that strives to see everyone succeed in their own entrepreneurial journey and a willingness (including the teachers, staff & founders) to help each other where possible. This environment is something our students typically did not experience at their former study program or social circles prior to joining Unknown. 


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european credit transfers & exemptions

Just like all bachelor programs at regular Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, our Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation is accredited by the NVAO. 

It is therefore possible to apply for credit transfers and exemptions for our program if you already have earned any European Credits (ECs) at a different bachelor program (either WO or HBO) in the Netherlands or, in some cases, abroad. 

Due to the structure of our study program, we have so far been able to honor all (or at least partially) credit transfer requests from students that have transferred from elsewhere. 

Our independent Exam Board evaluates all proposed credit transfers and determines to what extent these are given. Our admission team (talent scouts) is happy to draft a credit transfer proposal on the basis of your currently achieved credits at your current program. Please schedule a call with them to initiate this.

considering to transfer to us?

Would you like to discover if there is any possibility of transferring your current credits to our program? Or do you have any questions regarding our bachelor’s program or the application procedure in general? 

Book your online call with one of our talent scouts for personal advice.

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