What sets us apart

What sets us apart

Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurship Programs

Unique program

Unknown University of Applied Sciences stimulates students to think, decide, and act as expert entrepreneurs by offering cutting-edge, practical education and coaching to students looking to build their businesses in our in-house incubator from day one.

No business idea?
No problem

For our bachelor’s program, it is not necessary to enter Unknown with an existing business or a business idea. The only thing you have to bring is the ambition to become an entrepreneur. 

In-house incubator

You will be rewarded credits for the time spent developing yourself and your business. Learning by doing is the way you will learn theoretical concepts, models, techniques, and methods with a tailored curriculum alongside accredited modules. During the time spent in the incubator, you will cocreate your personal learning goals with your learning coach.

Get in the ring

Our partnership with the renowned global start-up competition GET IN THE RING, gives our students access to a worldwide support system through which they can raise investments and meet fellow entrepreneurs. The event offers a platform to expand a student’s network and scale their business. Check out the Forbes article about Get in the Ring and Unknown HERE