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At Unknown University of Applied Sciences, we help you to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and create a lasting impact. Our innovative educational approach seamlessly integrates classroom learning with real-world business experiences. This unique blend is crafted to foster the growth of both you as a founder and your company as you make  meaningful, sustainable impact.

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4 Years
The Hague
Tuition fee (yearly)

Program overview


Embark on an educational journey with our innovative bachelor program that allows you to seamlessly integrate academic pursuits with entrepreneurial ambitions.

From day one, you’ll not only pursue your accredited bachelor’s degree, but also actively build and run your own company. The modules in the curriculum follow the stages of starting and growing your business. We aim to maximize the relevance of our classes by ensuring that the content we offer and its timing are aligned with your growth needs. With a focus on blending studies with real-world application, our program is tailored to nurture the founders of tomorrow, ensuring that you graduate not only with a degree but with a thriving business ready to make its mark in the world.

Integrating academic learning and entrepreneurial pursuits

Our structured 4-year program combines assets and resources to create a cohesive experience, allowing you to reach your full potential as a founder.

The modules follow the stages of starting and growing a business. We aim to maximize the relevance of our classes by ensuring that the content we offer and its timing are aligned with your growth needs.

START YOUR BUSINESS FROM DAY 1. Don’t waste time. Launch your business from day one while maximizing your studies to turn your education into real-world success.

BEST ENVIRONMENT FOR GROWTH. Accelerate your business and personal growth in a dynamic setting, tapping into tailored support from a global network of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and investors.

EXTRAORDINARY EDUCATION. Immerse yourself in small classrooms focused on practical, hands-on learnings that are led by entrepreneurial teachers and field experts.

LOCATED AT THE HEART OF EUROPE’S IMPACT CAPITAL. Thrive in TITAAN: the biggest impact innovation campus of Europe in The Hague. Surround yourself with like-minded peers within a vibrant atmosphere of impactful endeavors.

For whom is this bachelor

Our Bachelor Profile For Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Each module is created along four learning lines intertwined throughout the four-year program.

1. Personal Development
The first learning line focuses on developing the entrepreneur on a personal level, focusing on developing competencies such as assertiveness, creativity, perseverance, persuasiveness, and adaptability.

2. Methodological Learning
The methodological learning line is focused on discovering opportunities for the entrepreneur and their business. The related skills are critical thinking, problem analysis, customer orientation, vision development, and value creation.

3. Interpersonal Learning
The interpersonal learning line aims to develop competencies that help develop relevance in the market and to become a good leader. The skills developed throughout are the leadership of groups, social awareness, curiosity, cooperation, and networking.

4. Effectuation
To ensure that the entrepreneur is capable of coming up with concepts and developing them, the final skills concern developing the Effectuation mindset, learning ability, business orientation, commercial power, and verbal expression.

Graduates from our bachelor’s program are capable of developing a vision, discovering opportunities by making the offer relevant to the customer, and persevering when it gets difficult in order to achieve success.

  • Students help each other out because they are all on the same entrepreneurial journey.
  • Continuous access to a broad scope of experienced entrepreneurs who want to help Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs succeed.
  • With access to a learning coach, students are challenged, inspired, and understood. These coaches recognize when times are tough and work to help students work through personal pitfalls.

  • Access to a cutting-edge incubator workspace which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and during the holidays.

  • Hands-on, relevant forms of assessment that tests the ability to apply knowledge to a business instead of simple memory testing.

Entrepreneurial types


Are you aspiring to develop your passion into an actual start-up and even grow it into a scaled business in the future?

Meet Alessandro he is doing just that with his exclusive Sneaker business SOLESHAPE.

Are you aspiring to develop a social venture and are you willing to play the long game to achieve massive societal impact in the future?

Meet Sonia. She is building her own travel agency, GROOTTRAVELS.COM making the world accessible to everyone.

Do you aspire to take on the leadership role and grow new opportunities for the family business in the near future?

Meet Lieke. She is introducing new healthcare products to the market on behalf her grandfathers’ company, EUROSTERIEL MEDICAL.

Do you want to contribute to the impact of organizations and run their inspiring innovation projects?

Meet Jord. He is working on introducing hydrogen to shipping as a business innovator at FME with GREEN SHIPPING WADDENZEE.


To submit your application, apply now, fill in the form, upload the appropriate documents, and book the admissions interview.

To support our students in their transition to a new country, Unknown University of Applied Sciences arranges visas for students who need one.

Dutch diplomas: We can accept completed HAVO, VWO or MBO-4 diplomas; it is not required to provide an English language proficiency certificate such as IELTs

International Baccalaureate / European Baccalaureate: We can accept the IB Diploma Programme and the IB Career Related Programme; no IELTS required. We also accept the European Baccalaureate. If English is one of the two main languages, IELTS is not required. 

EU diplomas: We accept most EU qualifications which give access to higher education in your country. Students whose qualification is equated with the Dutch HAVO, VWO or MBO-4 diploma are exempted from needing to provide a sufficient English language proficiency certificate such as IELTS.  

Non-EU diplomas: We can accept most non-EU qualifications which give access to higher education in your country. Our team will assess your high school diploma. If your non-NL qualification is not equated with the Dutch HAVO, VWO or MBO-4 diploma,  IELTS is required in most cases; exceptions are made for qualifications obtained in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and some other English-speaking African nations. 

If you do not meet the above requirements, we may be able to offer you an entrance test. Passing this test would allow you to join our Bachelor of Science, but only if you are 21 years old. Please contact us for more information: jana@unknowngroup.com

English Language Requirements: Applicants that are required to submit an English Language proficiency certificate will need to have obtained any of the following minimum scores of IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 80 or FCE/CAE 169

EU/NL € 14.200 (€ 13.500 if paid in full directly.)
Other € 14.200 (No rebate due to visa application costs)

EU/EEA: 1st of August for a September start

NON-EU/EEA: 1st of June for a September start

As we are a privately held boutique University of Applied Sciences we are free to accept late applications. Please contact us as soon as possible as enrolment after the dates mentioned above could still be possible.

As our program is fully accredited, it is possible for Dutch and European students to finance the tuition fee in full, and even a small part of the housing/living costs, using DUO Student Finance. We can help you apply for it once you are enrolled.  For more information please take a look at our finance page

Student stories

Read about how our students create and scale meaningful, profitable businesses

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